Sunday, November 4, 2012

Anything but running is dumb

So I'm almost four weeks into no running because I'm letting the tendinitis in my patellar tendon chill out.  Been going to the gym, working core, and trying to find something to maintain fitness.  Elliptical hurts my knee.  Regular bike hurts my knee.  Recumbent bike doesn't.  Here are a list of things I did on the bike yesterday that prove why it is infinitely more dumb than running:
-check my email
-check facebook
-read an article online
-peruse the internet
-fiddle about with my mp3 player extensively
-have a leisurely conversation with a gentleman about running (oh, the irony)
-text my fiance

Then I came home and filled up 26 of those lawn and leaf bags full of leaves from our lawn.  Yup.  26.  And that made my knee sore.

Today I'm coming prepared.  I'm bringing a magazine (Runner's World) and a book.  The only time I have to come prepared for a run is if I'm running trails and need to bring appropriate shoes and maybe gaiters.

I can't win.  But I do know one thing:  anything but running is dumb.

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